Why Us?

What separates CBx from other cannabinoid companies? Our 10 years of engineering experience in the cannabis and pharmaceutical industry has given us the experience necessary to bring you the highest quality CBD and CBG products. All of our products are sourced, manufactured, and distributed in the USA. Our FDA approved, lab-tested process ensures you receive high-quality, pure cannabinoid products.

Our premium cannabinoid products are sourced from regional farmers producing the highest quality hemp in the Western United States. By sourcing regional flower we cut our carbon footprint and maintain quality control.

CBx only uses FDA approved facilities. Using these facilities allows CBx to guarantee the contents of our products.

Our products are then tested and reviewed to ensure they meet CBx quality standards; this ensures the products contains no contaminants and the highest quality cannabinoids.

CBx orders are shipped within 48 hours of purchase, ensuring all customers received fresh products.

The final result is industry-leading CBD products delivered to your door with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.